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The purpose of the Stakeholder Reference Group is to represent the views of local people (particularly Ham Close residents), local groups and other stakeholders regarding the potential redevelopment of Ham Close. ​The Group also have an opportunity to learn more about the proposals for Ham Close as they’re developed and to have an early preview of consultation material prior to going out to the public.

Those attending the Stakeholder Reference Group will also be asked to feed information back to their members and local residents and encourage them to take part in the various consultation and engagement opportunities.  


Ham Close residents (RHP tenants and leaseholders, and private tenants) form part of the group. If you are a Ham Close resident and would like to become a member of the group, please email: 

The Community Representatives of the Forum are:

  • Ham Amenities Group

  • Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum

  • Ham and Petersham Association

  • Ham United Group

  • Friends of Ham Village Green

  • Friends of Ham Library

  • Ham Parade Traders

  • Ashburnham Road/Ham Street Traders

Ward Councillors are invited to attend meetings as elected representatives of the local community.

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