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The current site of Ham Close was Secretts Farm which was demolished in 1958. It was previously Ham Manor Farm. The flats were built by Richmond Council in the early 1960s and there are still a small number of the original tenants living in Ham Close.



RHP is a housing association that was established in July 2000 when Richmond Council transferred all its Council owned housing stock, including Ham Close to the new organisation. They are a not-for-profit organisation that operates with the purpose of providing decent quality, affordable homes and housing related services to people unable to rent or buy in the local private housing market. Their vision is to be one of the best service providers in the UK and an excellent employer.

Richmond Council

Richmond Council is no longer responsible for the management of social housing – it remains the Strategic Housing Authority and is responsible for assessing the strategic housing needs of the borough and subsequent policy response, including enabling affordable housing delivery and statutory homelessness functions. The Council administers the Richmond Housing Register and also provides statutory services in relation to housing conditions.


Ham Close The Site Website Feb 2021 (002

The existing site has buildings set at two different angles. The existing estate roads are irregular in layout and appear out of character with the more regular street pattern of the surrounding area.


The Youth Centre and associated car park occupies a central location on the site. The Youth Centre building is largely a single storey building that is constructed of reinforced concrete. 


The extent of the regeneration site comprises land owned by RHP and Richmond Council.

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