In March 2020 RHP commenced a two-stage selection process to identify a developer to partner with to deliver the regeneration of Ham Close. The first stage, shortlisting developers based on their previous experience concluded in July 2020 with a sufficient number of bidders to commence the second stage. The second stage, to provide proposals to deliver Ham Close, concluded in November 2020 and led to three: Countryside, Hill and London Square moving forward to a period of negotiation through November and December 2020.


In February 2021 RHP will receive the final proposals from each bidder which they will score with the intention of selecting one as their Development Partner. RHP hope to appoint a developer by late March or early April 2021.


RHP and the selected Developer will then start the planning stage of the project soon after appointment. An important part of the planning approach will be to consult with our customers and interested local stakeholders on the proposals, including the initial concept designs.


RHP will provide more details of the appointed developer and arrangements for engaging and consulting in the next few months.


Subject to planning approval, RHP are committed to start the construction stages in 2022.

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