RHP (Richmond Housing Partnership) is the freeholder of the 192 flats at Ham Close and together with Richmond Council they own much of the land in the area. The flats at Ham Close are of poor construction, with poor insulation by today’s standards. Many have condensation/damp issues. In addition, there are no private gardens, terraces or lifts, leaving a number of flats inaccessible to people with disabilities. RHP and Richmond Council are therefore working with the local community to develop plans to improve Ham Close.  


In 2013, The Prince’s Foundation for Building Communities, were invited by RHP and Richmond Council to work with residents, businesses and local organisations, to consider the future of Ham Close. They produced a report in 2014 which highlighted the principles on which any future vision for the area should be based.

In 2015, the architects BPTW were appointed to take these principles and provide indicative design options with the engagement of Ham Close residents and members of the local community through a series of design workshops in 2016 that led later that year to a consultation, masterplan and a Customer Offer.


The results of the consultation were published in 2017 alongside a series of Frequently Asked Questions documents to provide greater clarity for local residents and those living in Ham Close.


In 2018 it became clear to RHP and the Council that the outline master plan of 425 homes was financially unviable.


In developing the masterplan further to improve its' viability, since 2019, RHP and the Council have moved forward with a scheme of circa 452 homes, as close to the 2016 masterplan as possible.


A two-stage process to select a developer to work with RHP to deliver the scheme commenced in March 2020 and concludes in spring 2021. The news of the selection and the next steps for the regeneration of Ham Close, including future consultation and engagement activity, will be available in the NEWS SUMMARY on the top right of this page.   

These web pages present both the latest news and a record of the work undertaken over eight years to deliver an exemplar and viable regeneration of Ham Close. We hope you find them useful.


RHP chooses Hill as partner in Ham Close regeneration

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JUNE 2021

Ham Close Residents Association Annual General Meeting to be held 20th May 

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MAY 2021

Ham Close resident letter re surveys 

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APRIL 2021