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1. Will extra removals/relocation support be offered for people with disabilities/vulnerable residents?

Yes we will offer additional support to vulnerable customers who need it.

2. Is the Customer Offer an example of an offer? Can it be negotiated?

Yes it is an example but is based on what RHP is prepared to offer. We are willing to help any leaseholder that believes the offer creates challenges for them or will make them worse off. We want to be able to help all owner occupiers stay at Ham Close if they choose to do so. However we will not be negotiating with each leaseholder as we need a consistent and fair approach to all.

3. Will there be compensation provided to residents whilst building work is taking place?

Every customer is entitled to a homeloss and disturbance payment when they move home but no additional payments will be made.

4. What expenses are covered in the disturbance allowance?

Disturbance payments include the costs of moving and associated costs such as removals, changing utilities, redirecting post. Homeowners will also be able to claim for legal conveyancy costs, stamp duty etc.

Page last updated: 19 July 2017

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