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1. Will residents be given ‘like-for-like’ in terms of the number of bedrooms in their new property?

Yes. However, if you are an RHP tenant living in overcrowded conditions, you would be offered larger accommodation to meet your current needs.

2. Can residents move into new properties on their current site (i.e. a new property overlooking the same green space as the current property)?

The exact location of your new home would depend on the phasing arrangements for construction. We cannot guarantee you will end up in the same spot as you are now.

3. Will residents be able to choose between having an open plan kitchen or a separate kitchen?

An example layout of a flat is shown in the consultation proposal. This shows an open plan kitchen. At this stage these images are indicative of what a flat could look like and we are open to feedback and further discussion with residents.

4. Can tenants downsize to a smaller property?

Yes, if you are currently in a larger property and would like to downsize this would be possible. RHP will work with you on an individual basis to understand your needs and listen to your concerns.

5. I live in a Studio. Can I have a guarantee that I will get a one bedroom flat if I choose?

Should regeneration go ahead, we can confirm that any customer currently living in a studio that wishes to move to a one bedroom apartment will be able to do so.

Page last updated: 19 July 2017

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