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1. How much of the new development would be affordable?

The latest proposal seeks to provide at least one third of the additional (i.e. on top of the existing 192 properties) homes as affordable homes (78). The current proposal is modeled on providing 78 additional affordable housing units, these will be split; half will be affordable rent (39) and the other half shared ownership (39). This arrangement could be reviewed if there is a change to local or regional planning requirements.  

2. Would the new development be gated?

No – the redevelopment would not be gated. 

3. How many units are being proposed compared to how many there are now? 
There are 192 flats on Ham Close at the moment. 425 units are proposed. This includes flats and houses.

4. Does the proposal rely on the sale of private properties to achieve financial viability?


5. How many properties in the new development will be for private sale?

Of the additional 233 new homes, 155 would be for private sale at this time.

Page last updated: 16 August 2018

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