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1. Would redevelopment result in the loss of a ‘village feel’?

Whilst there are a lot of properties in the Ham area that do have a ‘village feel’, there are those that do not contribute to the areas village character.  The existing Ham Close comprises blocks of flats that range from three to five storeys in height. The buildings are laid out at two different angles and the existing roads through the Close are irregular. The buildings and existing roads appear out of character with the surrounding area. We believe that a proposal of high quality design that respects the local character, could bring more of a ‘village feel’ to Ham Close. 


2. Would there be any facilities added to the Green (e.g. play areas or outside gym)? 

Potentially. We would like to hear feedback from the community about what they would like. 

3. What height would the new buildings be and where would they be located?

The proposed buildings would range in height between two and six storeys high, with the majority of buildings being 5 storeys or less. In response to residents’ feedback earlier this year, the taller buildings are located towards the centre of the site and use setback roofs and other architectural treatments to minimise the appearance of height from ground level. Lower buildings are located closer to existing housing on Ashburnham Road and Woodville Road.

4. What would happen to existing play areas? 

The existing play areas on the green would not be affected by the current proposal and new play areas would be provided as part of the development.

Page last updated: 26 May 2017

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