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1. When was it decided that redevelopment would not be decided by a formal resident vote?

RHP have always said that we will measure support for any proposal and this would be provided to the RHP Board before a final decision is made and this has not changed.

2. Much of the negative publicity surrounding the proposed redevelopment has come from people who do not live on Ham Close. How will RHP ensure that residents who want the redevelopment to take place have their voices heard?

When we measure local support we will register who lives on Ham Close. We recognise that any proposals for redevelopment affect our customer’s homes and their views are important.

3. How were the architects appointed?

A competition was undertaken amongst eight different architects. A combination of quality, experience and cost was used to select the winning architect.

4. Will RHP offer study visits to other schemes to show good design concepts (homes, environment and communities)?

Ham Close residents have had an opportunity to visit a new building at Cave Road (during the Autumn 2016 consultation).  This shows the standard to which new rental homes are built.

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